We all rely on the automobile, but what next for an over-serviced industry with overcapacity and limited product differentiation? Sizes, and hence new vehicle sales, are critical for vehicle manufacturers, and the battle for sales continues relentlessly. And reducing costs is a necessary element of remaining competitiveness, as new, lower cost manufacturers reach high levels of quality. The competitive pressure is greater than ever before. Increased sales and lower costs are the mantras for survival.

New sales are the key to sustained growth, driving additional earnings through finance and after sales services, and generating funds for continued research and development. With the similarity in product, the key for all is to “get closer to your customer” – a tough call, given the franchise retail model, both for vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers.

The internet is the key, both a source of information and an integrated tool for contact, yet surprisingly very few companies take real advantage of the direct customer relationship this provides.

The battle for cost reduction has long since gone past lower unit prices into establishing shared services and outsourcing key functions – from research and development to IT, financing to HR. Adding to this the goal to eliminate waste in the supply and manufacturing chain, organisations are being challenged to change like never before.

EXYSOFT’s services focus on the use of technology to increase sales effectiveness, the provision of IT, HR and Finance outsourcing or shared services, and the creation of “next generation” manufacturing execution systems (MES) integrated into the company’s management processes. Through initial studies of our clients’ existing processes and technology, we have been able to drive significant improvements in all three areas.

Through deep understanding of the sector, EXYSOFT enjoys many long-term relationships with clients. A cultural fit and the ability to mobilize a global team with a broad range of skills means clients can safely trust EXYSOFT to deliver.