Manufacturing is a tough business. Being profitable today is often hard enough and investing management time into achieving higher flexibility and lower production costs can be a challenge. Yet without this investment, competition from around the globe will erode any remaining profits. The investment needs to be made.

Management needs quality information to make the best decisions, and this comes from the systems managing the production environment – the enterprise (ERP) and manufacturing execution (MES) that EXYSOFT delivers and supports for its clients. And this means ERP & MES systems for real-time management information.

EXYSOFT’s solutions meet your needs with the following capabilities:

  • icon Real-time Dashboards that give you an up-to-the-minute view of customer data, sales orders, the cost of goods and of shipping.
  • icon Inventory and Distribution Management with support for serialized inventory, customer-specific pricing, multiple units of measure, matrix items, bar coding, pick, pack, ship capability, and drop shipment.
  • icon Assembly and Kit Management to help track costs of individual materials through the manufacturing process.
  • icon Integrated Ecommerce to extend services and drive revenue through online marketing, sales and order management. Seamless integration with customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) enables you to manage all your business processes with one powerful software suite.
  • icon Customer and Vendor Centers that provide customers and vendors with self-service portals to check the status of orders, and conduct customer-specific order management and financial transactions 24/7.

With EXYSOFT, you receive immediate and long-term benefits:

  • icon Increase revenues and improve customer relationships with one, complete view of the customer.
  • icon Increase margins with advanced inventory management – including the ability to view accurate inventory levels in real time – and improve visibility and order tracking.
  • icon Grow your business and extend your service offerings with integrated CRM, Web presence and Ecommerce tools.

EXYSOFT is one of the leading ERP & MES systems integrators in Asia, focused on the industrial and utility sectors. We provide a full suite of services, covering both IT and process consulting, system implementation, integration and support, utilising our own methodologies and tools. Our pedigree in wireless business solutions brings additional strengths for those seeking to take advantage of emerging technologies.