Awesome Things
About Exysoft

Over the years, we’ve perfected processes and systems that are geared to provide the most optimal technology solutions to a variety of business organizations. This ensures that our clients’ business objectives are met not just in the short term but also over time, since our software applications are designed to grow and scale up to accommodate organizational growth over time.

Besides this, we offer a unique combination of:

  • Strong client referrals
  • Specific domain expertise in various industries — Substantial pool of talent
  • Quick turn-around-time
  • Stringent quality checks
  • Time tested processes
  • Robust technology and infrastructure
Our Services

Consulting Services

EXYSOFT professional services include full project life cycle from design and planning to deployment and integration with your other systems. With EXYSOFT’s, using our patented 100% “point and click” wizard-driven interfaces, your e-business solutions can be rapidly developed and implemented by one of EXYSOFT’s highly skilled deployment teams. EXYSOFT developers will build customized solutions at your facility, working side-by-side with your team to ensure fast integration. Your web-based collaboration solutions can be up and running in as few as 30-90 days. Program options include design, analysis, development, testing, optimization, and ongoing support. Please contact us for more information on instant web-based integration and custom application development to give your business the advantage of being first-to-market with a fully connected, fully automated, robust and scalable solution.

Product Training and Support

EXYSOFT’s success depends on successful Knowledge Transfer to every customer. We strive to train and enable our customers to be self-sufficient with technology. Upon deployment of the system, comprehensive training classes are available at EXYSOFT’s offices or at the client site.



  • Understanding problem domain
  • Analysis of current business scenario
  • Proposed solution
  • Designing of right solution
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Final review

Mission Statement

  • To deliver high quality products at the right price
  • To be consistent in what we do.
  • To retain our customers.
  • To retain our employees.
  • To be innovative.
  • To enjoy doing all of the above