The system that closes the business enterprise gap and execution in production is called manufacturing execution system. The system includes many things such as quality systems, the satisfaction of the customers, hardware control, and much more.

These systems are useful as they do a variety of tasks. These tasks include access to manufacturing resources of equipment, labour, real-time visibility, and order. MES is so valuable because it automatically converts data into information ready for action.

The result of this process leads to improvement in decision-making, sales, shipping, purchasing, and many such activities. A centralized backbone with appropriate synchronization can easily be provided by a properly built MES infrastructure.

If you are looking for a manufacturing execution system that is flexible, with good visibility, and controls production, We at EXYSOFT are the leading manufacturers for such systems. Our product is well optimized for the sake of the rapidly transforming production environments.

A lot of ERP software companies are not suitable at all for their work. All they do is a bit more than order entry, office-related tasks, and accounting. A lot of manufacturers feel that ERP software obstructs manufacturing. However, we at EXYSOFT have been the biggest provider of MES solutions for over a decade and a half. We provide value to a range of Asia’s big manufacturers. We are the top choice for a variety of industries.

Our experience and skill will mean that you will get the best MES solution for you that caters directly to your requirements.

Here are some benefits of using MES solutions

  • Increasing the amount of traceability
  • Increase the amount of productivity
  • Increased timeliness maintaining the accuracy of information
  • Production that is paperless
  • Reduction in the cost of information collection
  • Tracking of costs and reasons
  • Addition of good visibility and overall transparency on every operational level
  • Improvement in quality
  • Improvement in manufacturing efficiency
  • Better execution of production schedule
  • Well responsiveness to unforeseen events
  • Excellent decisions regarding production and very accurate commitments to customers
  • Great work-in-progress in inventory levels
  • Creation of flexibility so that you can easily respond to market demand and rushed orders.

Our MES solutions include the following

  • Production and job management
  • Processing of instructions
  • Scheduling and production tracking
  • Tools for tracking
  • Management of inventory
  • Great part genealogy
  • Great Labour tracking
  • Excellent Equipment tracking
  • Great Product genealogy
  • Costing measures
  • Capturing electronic signatures
  • Monitor that resolves defects
  • Machine integration with PLC, and much more

Our MES has the following as the base requirements of the manufacturing execution system

  • In Real-Time
  • Always Online
  • Really Simple, very good design for ease of use for use.
  • Bar Code Labelling that is inbuilt
  • Wireless-handheld unit support.