Our Software Application Development services make sure that the application is developed with exceptional expertise to satisfy your business requirements. We will help you sort out anything you are not content with during the software development process. Our technical support makes sure that your software remains well maintained as long as your desire.

Java Application Development

Java application development is a multi-platform supported solution based on java language and frameworks. It is one reason for all the powerful mobile and web applications, embedded software, and web services around us.

EXYSOFT is an international name in Java application development service with a successful history of more than 20 long years. Our goal to achieve the best quality and sustainable java-based solutions using the latest technology has been uncompromised since the beginning. The urge to give the best to the best from the best is what drives us.

  • J2EE – for development of multi-tier client-server enterprise applications.
  • JSP, Servlets
  • Web frameworks: Angular, React, React native
  • NodeJS
  • .NET
  • Web Services, Rest API, micro services
  • Spring Framework, Spring boot
  • Hibernate, JPA, JDBC, XML-DB
  • Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, My SQL/Mariadb, Postgres, MS Access, HSQL, Mongo DB, Cassandra