Today’s distribution companies are sourcing and selling globally, while having to maintain localized availability and customer service levels. Faced with expanding inventories, geographies, and value-added services, they must seek new ways of adding value to their customers and, at the same time, maintain profitability. Problem is, they have to do more with less across an increasingly complex operating environment.

EXYSOFT includes business-specific solutions with industry experience built in to solve the most pressing challenges of distribution companies – from searching for better ways to strengthen value-added services, extend their inventory, and grow their business to sustaining profitability in this expanded environment.

EXYSOFT help companies like yours:

  • Manage increasingly complex products and product offerings
  • Increase the productivity of your inventory
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Improve agility and supply chain performance
  • Enable greater flexibility to address changing market conditions

From small and medium-sized firms to some of the largest distribution companies in the Asia rely on EXYSOFT solutions to grow their businesses. Backed by domain experts who understand the requirements of distributors. EXYSOFT includes the following core components:

  • automatic conversion of units of measure, full bid system, added buyer’s assistant, tracking and multicurrency capabilities improve inventory management and productivity.
  • Ihigh-volume purchase optimization, complex inventory management, inventory sourcing, tracking, full vendor managed inventory, and warehouse management automate solution delivery to customers.
  • customer contract management, automatic order creation, vendor catalog integration, and inventory sourcing help establish end-to-end control of operations.
  • operational and financial applications help distributors and their customers accurately budget and optimize inventory decisions.
  • special order management, integrated web storefront, flexible product pricing, and integrated customer relationship management improve accuracy and accelerate the sales process.
  • integrated vendor catalogue, trading partner collaboration, and service warranty and claim management tools enhance communication with vendors and customers while improving service.