In the industrial equipment and machinery (IE&M) industry, changing market dynamics dictate the need for flexibility – flexibility to meet customers’ complex requirements and improve supply chain performance. The ability to deliver quality engineered products in shortened lead times is critical, as are optimized business processes across your enterprise and global supply chain.

EXYSOFT Industrial Equipment & Machinery Essentials offers effective and accurate quoting, estimates, contracts, and service level agreements (SLA) to improve your profitability. You also get more visibility into all aspects of your operations from mixed-mode manufacturing to complex collaboration between you, your customers, and suppliers. And more visibility means better cost control, faster response, and added revenue opportunities.

EXYSOFT Industrial Equipment & Machinery Essentials is comprised of solutions that help you increase customer service and satisfaction, support mixed-mode manufacturing, reduce operating costs, and shorten lead times through effective supplier collaboration.

EXYSOFT has years of embedded industry expertise acquired by partnering with global IE&M manufacturers. Our business-specific, integrated solutions are tailored specifically to address the complexities that are unique to the IE&M industry. As a result, you’re able to increase the productivity and uptime of the products you manufacture, manage the impact of change on your top and bottom line… and be more enterprising.