EXYSOFT is a critical foundation for successful implementation of food and beverage industry production applications. EXYSOFT is a flexible, powerful and continually growing family of applications and tools that gather, manipulate and make operational information readily available to anyone who needs it – in the proper context for each user and presented in an instantly understandable form.

P.D.System System Solutions

The food & beverage industries are characterized by multiple plants with diverse information systems, stringent manufacturing conditions, thin operating margins, and increasing regulatory requirements. Driven by globalization, consolidation, and the need to reduce time-to-market, the complexity of the industry’s manufacturing environment requires agility based on real-time information.

The competitive edge goes to those food & beverage companies which produce the highest quality products with the utmost safety, while maximizing enterprise-wide performance efficiencies.

To get that competitive edge, companies are turning to EXYSOFT. It enables companies to capitalize on vast quantities of information, using it to attain real-time intelligence and to make sound business decisions quickly. EXYSOFT enables companies to capture, aggregate, and analyze current and historical process information and ERP data at multiple manufacturing locations, in real-time, from anywhere in the world.